I'm Dee. 22 year old Asian. I love food, I eat a lot - you can never see me without food. I love to cook and bake, my dream is to one day open my own cafe. I love going to the gym and I absolutely love doing yoga and rock climbing. I love to read but I haven't done it for quite some time - I should start reading again. I've gone through some dark times but I try not to dwell on them. I plan on living a better life, no matter how tough it is I know it'll be worth the fight :) Tumblr will always be the place where I can be who I want to be and not what others wishes me to be.

Much love,

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Cooked my version of Aglio Olio for myself and my boyfriend mmmm
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Baked this brownies cause was craving for it, sooo good
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Made this for lunch!
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I went to h&m yesterday and tried on a few things from the women’s section. I ended up only buying one thing cause the other just didn’t seem like it was worth the price if it depended on the quality of the material they used. Then my cousin & I decided to browse the men’s section cause she wanted to get something for her boyfie. We ended up buying some for ourselves too. Men’s section has so much nicer clothes and it’s so much cheaper than women’s clothes. For example, a jumper that has similar qualities of let’s say.. Topshop but the price is lesser than h&m price. It doesn’t make sense at all. Is it because men shop less than women? So the demand for men’s clothes are lower? I don’t know. I just know from now on, I’m gonna buy my jumpers and flannel shirts and t shirts that are meant for men. 

And guys can actually complain that their clothes are expensive? Are you kiddin’ me. Try living as a woman, and you’ll know what expensive means.
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